The Bucket Stool Collection by Yvonne Mouser is a family of solid ash stools featuring bentwood handles.  These versatile pieces can function as either a seat or a side table, and their signature handles, which hug the contour of each top add a layer of functionality for easy transport or storage.  Exposed tenons with wedge inserts join the legs to the top and accentuate both the craft and durability of it’s construction, a combination that creates a beautifully simple yet playful collection of functional objects well suited for a variety of interiors from restaurants and office spaces, to the home and anywhere in between.  

Designed in California and handmade in Pennsylvania.


Available in four sizes   

Bucket Stool/Step    $350.

Bucket Stool/Tall    $390.

Bucket Stool/Double    $450.

Bucket Bench    $550.

 Please contact us for more information or purchase

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